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Welcome to Desert Haven Enterprises, Inc.

Welcome to Desert Haven Enterprises, Incorporated. Since 1954, we have been supporting people with developmental disabilities to achieve their dreams of becoming productive, independent, fully participating members of their community. Our program provides these very capable individuals with the opportunity to learn work skills in a variety of paid, on-the-job training experiences and/or to even find and secure the job of their choice within the community. All programs and services offered by DHE are designed to prepare program participants (consumers) to one day transition into regular jobs within the community, dependent upon the individual strengths, needs, expectations and choices of each person served.

Work Services
Within DHE's 14,000 square foot workshop facility, program participants (referred to as "consumers") receive "on-the-job" training as they assemble and package a variety of products for local entrepreneurs, Department of Defense contractors and Fortune 500 companies located within Southern California and across the nation.

Individuals working in the sheltered workshop receive instruction and training in appropriate work habits, interpersonal and social skills, job-related behaviors, work quality and quantity specifications, on the job safety, proper use and handling of equipment and materials, and other important work-related practices. The primary purpose of this program is to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with meaningful paid work opportunities in a safe and supportive environment designed not only to increase independent functioning, but also to prepare them for more specialized training and even possible job placement in the community.

Employment Skills Training Services
Work Readiness Program
(On-Site Services)

Food Service
Modeled after an actual kitchen within a fast food restaurant, the Desert Express Grill gives consumers the opportunity to learn every aspect of food service that typically occurs within any fast food restaurant within the community. From food prep to grilling to cashiering and customer service to cleanup, the food service program, operated under the supervision of a certified trainer, equips consumers with the key skills necessary to obtain entry-level work within the food service industry.

Housekeeping Services
Members of the housekeeping crew have an opportunity to learn all facets of janitorial/housekeeping service in preparation for transition into a related job within the community. Throughout the year crew members work very hard to ensure that the facilities of DHE are neat, clean and properly maintained. Typical duties include cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, dusting offices, removing trash, washing windows, and sweeping, mopping and even buffing floors.

Laundry Service
In support of the off-site crews performing janitorial services throughout the community, members of the onsite laundry service crew are responsible for washing, drying, and folding the literally hundreds of wash rags and drying towels used by the janitorial crews on a daily basis. This crew is staffed primarily by consumers who, due to significant medical or physical limitations, on either a long-term or short-term basis, are unable to participate on a community-based work crew.

Work Readiness Program
(Community-based Services)

Work Readiness Off-Site Habilitation Crews
The off-site work crews provide opportunities for consumers with limited or no previous employment experience to train and to work within an actual community-based employment setting. Consumers participating on the off-site crews are able to explore employment interests, gain marketable job skills, and to perform valuable and vital services to the local business community in the process. Without question, the off-site hab crews not only allow consumers to build a resume, but have proven, indeed, to be an excellent stepping stone into regular jobs within the community.

Current off-site crew opportunities include: multipurpose/janitorial service at Antelope Valley Boys and Girls Clubs; janitorial service at AV Board of Trade; janitorial service at AV Collegeís off-site campus; multipurpose/janitorial service at BeX Restaurant; janitorial service at California State Long Beach's Lancaster Center; janitorial service/grounds maintenance service at various City of Lancaster sites; janitorial service at The Courtyard; janitorial service/grounds maintenance service at Crissair, Inc.; janitorial service at Fox Field; janitorial service at George's Cleaners; janitorial service/grounds cleanup at JetHawk's Stadium; janitorial service/trash/weed abatement/grounds maintenance service at Ironwood Management Properties; multipurpose/janitorial service at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; production assembly/packaging at Michael's Distribution Center; and plastic tote wash and sort, warehouse trim/mod service, and security tagging at Rite Aid Distribution Center.

Consumers placed within the Work Readiness program, both onsite and off-site, also participate in Employment Preparation classes designed to develop and/or enhance interpersonal, social, and communication skills; vocational skills; job search, hiring, and job maintenance skills; knowledge of community-based supports and resources; self-advocacy skills; and community integration skills.


Day Training Activity Center

Project Independence
Licensed by the State of California Community Care Licensing Division and vendored by North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Project Independence, is Desert Havenís highly sought after, state-of-the art Day Training Activity Center. The purpose of the program is to assist consumers to maximize their capabilities in the areas of daily living skills, self-advocacy, interpersonal and social skills, vocational skills, community integration, and personal and public safety in order that they might gain greater self-determination and increased independence. Participants in the program have opportunity to participate in a variety of center-based and community-based training modalities designed to assist in the acquisition of functional skills and increased independence and, as appropriate, to facilitate transition into less restrictive programming, up to and including vocational training/job placement. Specific training modalities include: hygiene and grooming; basic food planning, shopping, preparation, and cooking; socialization and interpersonal skills; health and fitness; computer skills; arts, crafts, and leisure activities; vocational training; and community resources and integration.


Job Placement and Supported Employment Programs

The services offered through DHE's Job Placement and Supported Employment Program assist consumers to seek, secure and maintain the job of their choice within the community-based employment market. Prior to job placement, consumers participate in Employment Preparation and Job Search classes designed to assist staff in assessing each consumer's strengths, needs and vocational preferences and to prepare consumers for participating in the job search and job development process. To ensure the best possible placement, consumer preferences, abilities, and experience are carefully matched with the requirements of the job and expectations of the employer. Once hired, the employee is trained and supervised, on the job, by a DHE job coach, who will provide training and support services to the employee until he/she learns the job. When the employee is able to perform all job assignments to company standards, the job coach gradually phases out to follow-along services. Once the employee becomes proficient and completely independent in the performance of all job duties, job coach services will come to an end and the consumer will be competitively employed. Should the employee require additional job coaching for any reason, such as new job duties, a promotion, etc., job coaching services may be requested by the consumer and reinstated as authorized.

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Providing employment opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities since 1954.