Community-based Employment Services

Our Job Placement and Supported Employment Program assist consumers to seek, secure and maintain a job within the community.

Job Placement and Supported Employment Programs

The services offered through DHE's Job Placement and Supported Employment Program assist consumers to seek, secure and maintain the job of their choice within the community-based employment market.
Prior to job placement, consumers participate in Employment Preparation and Job Search classes designed to assist staff in assessing each consumer's strengths, needs and vocational preferences and to prepare consumers for participating in the job search and job development process.  Topics covered and activities conducted in these classes include:
  • Appropriate Interaction in the Workplace
  • Hygiene, Grooming, and Professional Appearance
  • Transportation Mobility
  • Resume Development
  • Job Search and Job Interviews
  • Community-based Job Exploration
  • Work Habits
  • Soft Skills (Attitudes, Customer Service, Work Ethics, Confidence, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (Job Coach Services, Drug Use, Wages and Pay Days, etc.)
Once hired, the employee is supported, trained and supervised, on the job, by a DHE job coach, until the new employee learns the job. When the employee is able to perform all job assignments to company standards, the job coach gradually phases out to follow-along services. Once the employee becomes proficient and completely independent in the performance of all job duties, job coach services will come to an end and the consumer will be competitively employed. However, should the employee require additional job coaching for any reason, such as new job duties, a promotion, challenges in job performance, etc., job coaching services may be requested by the consumer and reinstated as authorized.
Situational Assessment
In some instances, consumers with little to no previous work experience may be referred for participation in a Situational Assessment prior to transition into the job development phase of supported employment.  Situational Assessment is a short-term evaluation service set up as a trial work experience for the purpose of identifying a consumers readiness for community-based employment.  Specifically, the service assists in assessing the following:
  • Vocational interests and preferences, aptitudes, stamina, physical and psychomotor skills, work habits, work-related behaviors, and community travel skills;
  • Level of support for community employment from family, care-providers, and significant others involved in the consumer's life;
  • Primary barriers to employment, potential for skill improvement, and potential to achieve and benefit from identified services leading to community-based employment;
  • Most effective methods of instruction, levels of support needed to assist in overcoming identified barrier to employment, and the likelihood for such; and
  • Ability to work independently in a community-based work setting.
The average length of the Situational Assessment service is ten days (at four hours each), with one (1) day utilized for orientation and screening of the consumer and the remaining nine (9) days utilized for assessing the consumer within varied community based work sites.  Typically, consumers will participate in a total of three (3) three-day assessments at three different employment sites.
For more information on the referral and admissions process, please contact:

Martha Knight
Manager of Program Services
(661) 948-8402