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In providing vocational training, employment preparation, job placement, and employment support services to individuals ("consumers") participating within our programs, Desert Haven has established strong, long-lasting partnerships with business and industry throughout the Antelope Valley.  Our customers and employers have afforded countless opportunities to hundreds and even thousands of those whom we serve to train and to work within the community-based, competitive job setting.  Not only is this a "win" for our consumers, but it is also a "win" for participating customers and employers, who have not only given back to their community in a very big way, but have also saved time and money and gained highly motivated, enthusiastic, dedicated, and skilled employees in the process.  

Please check out Desert Haven's Professional Outsource/Sub-Contracting Services
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Professional Outsource/Sub-Contracting Services

Since the mid 1970's we have proudly and successfully served business and industry throughout the Antelope Valley, providing crews of highly motivated, well-trained, qualified workers specifically selected and carefully... Read More about Professional Outsource/Sub-Contracting Services [+]

Employment Services

Since 1988, Desert Haven's Supported Employment Department has proudly and successfully served employers throughout the Antelope Valley, helping to resolve the challenging scenarios of the work-a-day world, by providing... Read More about Employment Services [+]