Community Integration Services

Day Training Activity Center

Project Independence

Licensed by the State of California Community Care Licensing Division and vendored by North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Project Independence is Desert Haven’s highly sought after, state-of-the art Day Training Activity Center. The purpose of the program is to assist program participants (consumers) to gain greater self-determination and increased independence. 
Project Independence offers a variety of featured services designed to assist consumers to maximize their knowledge, skills, capabilities, and experiences in the following areas:
  • Self Care/Daily Living Skills
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Interpersonal and Social Skills
  • Vocational Skills/Job Exploration
  • Community Integration
  • Personal and Public Safety

Participants have opportunity to participate in a variety of training modalities to assist in the acquisition of functional skills in the areas listed above in accordance with their individual strengths, needs, and preferences. Training is conducted at a 1:6 ratio and occurs both within specialized training areas on-site, as well as within the community. 
Specific training modalities include:
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Basic food planning, shopping, preparation, and cooking
  • Socialization and interpersonal skills
  • Health and fitness;
  • Computer skills
  • Arts, crafts, and leisure activities
  • Vocational training
  • Community resources and integration.

Community activities are comprised of the three E's:
  • Entertainment: Movies, Dining, Activities, and other Fun Events and Field Trips
  • Education: Museums, Libraries, Expos, Training Events, Personal and Public Safety
  • Essentials: Banking, Shopping, Post Office, and other Community-based Resources

For more information on the referral and admissions process, please contact:

Lorraine McKesson
 Manager of DTAC Services
(661) 948-8402