Employment Skills Training

This program provides individuals with the opportunity to learn work skills in a variety of paid, on-the-job training experiences.

Work Readiness Program (On-Site Services)

Desert Haven offers on-site, on-the-job training in a variety of work settings, each with high standards and expectations for performance, attitude, and behavior, as required within a regular, community-based work setting.
Food Service
Modeled after an actual kitchen within a fast food restaurant, our onsite cafe, The Desert Express Grill, gives consumers the opportunity to learn every aspect of food service that typically occurs within a fast food restaurant.  Under the supervision of a certified trainer, consumers learn the key skills necessary to obtain entry-level work within the food service industry, including food preparation, grilling, cashiering, customer service, cleanup, and dishwashing.  


Housekeeping Services
Members of the housekeeping crew are trained in all facets of janitorial and housekeeping services while they work year-round to keep our facilities here at DHE neat, clean, and properly maintained. With responsibilities that include cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, dusting offices, removing trash, washing windows, sweeping, mopping, and even buffing floors, the members of our housekeeping team are well-prepared for transition into a related job within the community.

Laundry Service
To support the off-site janitorial crews, the laundry service crew, otherwise known as the towel crew, is responsible for washing, drying and folding the hundreds and hundreds of wash rags and drying towels used at community-based sites on a daily basis.  The benefit of this crew is not only in the support provided the off-site crews, but also the accommodation it affords to persons with more significant medical or physical limitations, as well as those with scheduling or other issues, that would preclude their participation on a community-based work crew on either or short-term or long-term basis.


Work Readiness Program (Community-based Services)

Desert Haven offers off-site, on-the-job training in a variety of community-based work settings, each with high standards and expectations for performance, attitude, and behavior.
The off-site work crews, also known as the hab crews, provide opportunities for consumers with limited or no previous employment experience to train and to work within an actual community-based employment setting. Consumers participating on the off-site crews are able to explore employment interests, gain marketable job skills, and perform services that are valuable and vital to the local business community. Without question, the off-site hab crews not only allow consumers to build a resume, but have proven to be an excellent stepping stone into regular jobs within the community.

Some of the current off-site crew opportunities include:
  • Antelope Valley Boys and Girls Cubs: Janitorial Service
  • Antelope Valley Board of Trade: Janitorial Service
  • Antelope Valley College (Palmdale Campus): Janitorial Service
  • BeX Bar & Grill: Janitorial Service/ Food Prep Service
  • California State University Long Beach (Lancaster Campus): Janitorial Service
  • City of Lancaster (various sites): Janitorial Service/ Outdoor Trash Cleanup Service/ Grounds Maintenance Service
  • Crissair, Incorporated (Santa Clarita): Janitorial Service/ Grounds Maintenance Service
  • George's Cleaners: Janitorial Service
  • Ironwood Properties: Multi-purpose/Janitorial Service and Outdoor Trash Cleanup/Weed Abatement Service
  • Kinetic Brewery: Janitorial Service/Floor Cleaning Service
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company: Multi-purpose/Janitorial Service
  • Michael's Distribution Center: Assembly Service/Packaging Service/Labeling Service
  • Rite Aid Southwest Customer Support Center: Tote Wash Service/Tote Sort Service/Security Tag Service/Trim and Mod Service

Consumers placed within the Work Readiness program, both onsite and off-site, also participate in Employment Preparation classes designed to develop and/or enhance interpersonal, social, and communication skills; vocational skills; job search, hiring, and job maintenance skills; knowledge of community-based supports and resources; self-advocacy skills; and community integration skills.