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The system of services and supports for 280,000 of the State of California's most vulnerable, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is collapsing due to years of inadequate funding and failure of the Governor and the California State Legislature to truly and decisively address the problem!!  Find out what you can do to join the movement to Reclaim the Lanterman Act and maintain the services and supports you need to protect your health, safety, and pursuit of independence.

The shortened version of talking points below was sent home with consumers on November 5, 2015 in follow-up to the Community Meeting held at Desert Haven on September 23, 2015 to discuss the issues surrounding transportation in the Antelope Valley as impacted by the funding crisis.  For the sake of saving paper and keeping costs down, an shortened version was sent home with directions for accessing the Desert Haven website so that persons wanting to contact the Governor and other Legislators regarding this matter could first check out the full-length version of those talking points, which includes very important background information.  See the full-length background information and talking points on this page, just below the shortened version.
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Funding Crisis Talking Points and Letter to Key Legislators (Shortened Version)

The full-length version below includes critical background information regarding the passage of the Lanterman Act and the current and ongoing dismantling of the Lanterman Act, which has occurred as a result of the failure of the State of California to take action to Keep the Promise of the Lanterman Act by adequately funding the services and supports upon which 280,000 persons with disabilities depend on order to live life to the fullest.  The Lanterman Act is California's landmark civil rights law for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so that they might enjoy health, safety, and independence just as any other citizen.  Please take a few moments to read through the information and then call the Governor and the other Legislators listed to express your outrage at this injustice!
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Funding Crisis Talking Points (Full-length Version)

Below is the letter to be written to the Governor, the President Pro Tem, and the Speaker, urging them to take action to save the crumbling service delivery system.  Please use the letter as a guide and write one letter to each of the people listed on the letter (Governor Jerry Brown, President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, and Speaker Toni Atkins)  Our local Assemblymember Tom Lackey has offered to personally hand-deliver the letters to Sacramento.  So, once you have completed your letters, bring them to Desert Haven and give them to Kathleen Miller.
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Letter to the Governor and Key Legislators Regarding Funding Crisis